1/30 RX-178 GunDam #005

Oh My God ! I bought so many filament for my 3D printer . But I forgot to get White ! 

Fuck it ! I’ma still print it LoL 

Without the Knee and the Foot . The left itself is already weight something like 700 grams ( I think )hope that the servo can manage to keep up with the weight ! 

Might need to change the bone structure using  Aluminium instead . 

After the whole thing is done . MK 1 is done . Might as well make a Metal version with a slim down structure since plastic is too heavy . 

What to do ?!?


1/30 RX-178 GunDam #003

Because of Chinese New Year . Taobao are all on holidays until 15Feb . Therefor the projects are on hold until I can get more tools. Screws. Pla plastics for the printer . 

Now I’ve received them and I can continue 

This is what I’ve printed so far for thr Leg,

The base of the foot is almost a large as my wife’s shoe 

You can’t beat the price for these screws from Taobao. $10 HKD for 1000 screws . What the hell u need that much screws for ? Eat them ?

1/30 RX-178 GunDam #001

Yeh that’s right . Haven’t been update for 2 months cause I needs to sharpen my 3D software skill. And yep ! It’s now RX178 rather then the old strike gundam . Why ? Cause strike is Too Skinny and nothing fits . 
Anywayssss. My 3D printer had been acting on me and the print out are not too accurate . Printed about too much from here and there. 

1/30 Strike Gundam Robot (Making Of)


Starting to make my 1/30 Strike X105 Gundam Robot
Here’s what I’ve done so far

will update more later


The Robot will be around 65CM tall . it will be controled by 2 boards

Andurino + a Taobao Torobot 32 Servo controler + wifi connection with prograble movement

All the moving macanisum are designed by myself


To the beginning of the end of the human race .